Sunday, August 8, 2010

I went somewhere beautiful...

Last weekend I travelled to the middle of nowhere (figuratively speaking) to visit my roommate in her hometown. I think it may have been the most gorgeous place I have ever seen! I had a wonderful time visiting my roomie, her family and friends who were also there! It made me realize how much I miss my school family. :)

Is that not absolutely gorgeous?

My friend Amanda and my roommate Whitney. We went hiking.

We met this stalking rooster named Norman!

Whitney got a summer job at a stable so she treated us to a horseback ride! She has the coolest job ever! I had never ridden on a horse before but I loved it!
My horse was named Goldie. :) She was a slow-poke, but I think that was good since she was my first ride.

It was a wonderful visit. In addition to hiking and horseback riding we stayed up late talking, hung out with Whitney's family, went to a big picnic where we saw old friends and met new acquaintances and got rained on (but luckily there was a pavillion so we had shelter. It was still really fun!) and listened to live music! We went to church and to a cool little restaurant. Fed sheep at 10 pm. Saw the stars more clearly than I ever have, rode up and down mountains and just had a wonderful time. I'm so grateful that I got to visit my roomie and friend Amanda! Amanda is leaving for China in 4 days! She is going on a missions trip with Campus Crusade for Christ. I am hoping that we will be able to meet up while we're both out there.

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