Thursday, April 15, 2010

in love...

I found a new blog. Help me...I may fail my critiques (or crits as the folks at school call them) because instead of working I just want to read blogs. Go check out ~Ruffles and Stuff~. It's so fun! I seriously can't wait to get home in a month so I can sew sew sew...I love it when inspiration hits!


Sneak Peek

of my final project! I'm making a tea service based off the tea party from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon). So far it's been fun, but I've only made two teapots in about a week's time. I have until Tuesday to make tea cups, saucers, a creamer and sugar and tray...wish me luck! I'm going to be busy! But, oh, it's going to be so much fun!

new and improved...

From the mugs I made last year. I think these look much better! They're taller and thinner and glazed better...when I first saw them when they came out of the kiln I was SO excited because they looked SO much better than my mugs from last semester (which were really awful). Then the next day I went to the pre-NCECA show and thought to myself, "my mugs are really awful." And they are. But compared to last semester, they're much better! It's nice to see some progress but it's motivating to know you have a long way to go before you're good at what you do. I'm really enjoying slip-work and wax-resists and putting texture on my stuff. It makes glazing more fun.

That pitcher on the top right side of the shelf is not something I made, but everything else is mine.

Landscape art....or at least let's call it that...

My 2D design teacher gave us an extra-credit opportunity. We had to do landscape art and the only rules were that it had to involve the landscape, wool, and bright colors not normally found in the landscape.
This is what my group came up with. We used several colored yarns to tie a tree to a rail. I think our teacher liked it. We gave it a really pro-environmental interpretation and I think that my teacher liked that. It seems like all people want to make art about the environment these days. I believe we should take care of the environment, but to be honest I'm getting bored of everyone making art about it. So to me this project wasn't as much about making a statement about the environment as it was about getting extra credit, but it was pretty fun anyway.

Scenes from Spring Break...

Just a few pictures from my break a couple weeks ago.I did quite a bit of driving, but the weather was perfect for traveling!
I spent HOURS on this project. It took forever!!! It made me hate my life. For real!
A very special baby turned 1 YEARS OLD!!! I cannot believe how quickly one year went by!

This year's ceramics...I think they're definitely better than last semester's mugs and bowls!

photo from my little jaunt to Harper's Ferry...
My cereal bowl with a handle...I love having a bowl with a handle! :)

Flowers just make the whole house seem so cheerful.
When I got back to school I was surprised to see that everything had bloomed while I was away. It was gorgeous! My roommate and my friend and I all went down to a local trail by the river to walk around. It was such a nice way to end the week.
I still have pictures from the Pre-NCECA conference that was held at my school that I'm waiting to get my hands on! Can't wait to post about it. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photos from our silhouette project's a fun word to write and say....anyway, here are photos of the finished product. They're better than the video I posted.(photo credit goes to Jason Lee)
(photo credit by Jason Lee)
We individually made A- grades on the project, but overall we made a B+. I'm not really sure how that works. I'm kind of disappointed because we did everything we could to communicate with our teacher and get feedback along the way and she told us we would get an A for it, but the overall grade was still a B. Grrr!!! The teacher who is in charge of the entire foundations department for the art school came in to photograph them and told the whole class that ours was the best. I wish my teacher thought so too. Only 3.5 more weeks of class! Hurray!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I like

* sunny days
* pretty rain boots
* flowers
* playing my iPod while driving
* going for walks
* puppies
* watching my favorite one-year-old eat her first birthday cupcake (she loved it!)
* having conversations with people
* cameras (trying to figure my brother's camera out)
* spring
* silence
* thinking about how much Jesus loves us
* letters from people
* paper
* singing when no one can hear me

Just a few things I am liking this week. I have lots of pictures to post from this past week. Once I figure Adam's camera out I'll be posting! In the meantime, Happy Easter!