Monday, August 16, 2010

Adam's party

We painted faces on marshmallows using food coloring gel and then dipped their heads in chocolate to give them hair. When I saw ''we'' I mean Jacqueline. The inspiration came from this blog!
We gave them out as party favors!
I made a 7 layer salad...although my salad may have had more than 7 ingredients.
Matt and Jacqueline bought a helium tank and we blew up balloons. And some of us may or may not have swallowed helium during the process. When I say ''us'' I mean me.
We actually had quite a turnout. Friends from Bible study came, friends from old times came, family members were was lots of fun! We roasted hotdogs and made s'mores and had lots of salad. Adam's friends Matt and Jonathan stayed until 11:30 at which point I kicked them out because everyone else had gone to bed and we were ready to get some sleep too. When I say ''we'' I mean myself. Adam and Holly probably could have stayed up longer but I'm a pansy during the summer...during the school year I get very little sleep so I take summer sleeping seriously. Overall it was really fun. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and talking and catching up.
I think Adam enjoyed himself too. He is starting up at university this fall so we wanted to have a little party to celebrate with him.

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